Monday, September 29, 2008

A Fashion Fairytale...

There once was a girl named Vixie, who lived and breathed fashion. Each day, she threw back the covers and jumped out of bed eager to begin a new quest for fashion fun. She crossed sim after sim in search of the best skirts, shoes, hats, and earrings in the land. One day she stumbled upon some of the most unique designs she had ever seen, with patterns and textures galore. It was as if the heavens opened up and shone a light onto the most glorious fashions in the land. Her eyes grew large as she spied the most spectacular hat she had ever seen. As she stepped forth to pay, evil stepped in and took the hat vendor away. With tears in her eyes, Vixie searched far and wide to find the maker of the magical chapeau of her dreams.

Thus began the story of Sevenstar Amat, designer of Stitch by Stitch, and Miss Vixie. Read the original adventure here.

Its hard to believe that just over a month ago a simple quest for a hat could lead to one of the most unbelievable experiences I've had in Second Life. After that initial conversation with Seven, I blogged about my experience and her designs. Just after I published the blog, I contacted Seven again in-world to provide a link. She loved the post and pictures. As a thank you, she sent me hats and a few outfits. During this time, I was doing a lot of work with Impacratrice Breiz for the Captured Photography Book. She also enjoyed the Stitch by Stitch post and asked if I would consider writing a feature for the book. Impa asked me to edit the article a bit, and to also include more looks. Well I was over the moon with excitement. I finished the styling, shoots and updated article in record time and emailed over to Impa. Within hours she uploaded to Captured, and I was in awe of seeing my article in print. Completely thrilled! **I've included some sneak peeks from the October/December 2008 issue of the Captured Photography book. Full styling details are in the book. Please pick up your copy in-world via OnRez, or SLexchange. If you want to view it out of SL please visit ONLINE VERSION HERE**

Photographer: Vixie Rayna
Model: Vixie Rayna
Designer: Stitch by Stitch
October/December 08 Issue-CAPTURED
(C) Breiz Creative Concepts

Photographer: Vixie Rayna
Model: Vixie Rayna
Designer: Stitch by Stitch
October/December 08 Issue-CAPTURED
(C) Breiz Creative Concepts

Oh so proud!! But, the show had to go on and I was kept busy with styling and shoots for the other features.

A few days passed and I got an excited message from Seven. She thanked me for the article, and I was just so humbled she thought of me. I asked her how she had heard (it was to be a surprise), and she mentioned Rusch Raymaker of Avenue had been given a preview of the book. Good news travels fast! I was just thrilled others enjoyed the piece. Another week past, and the idea for the Trade Show was hatched. Of course we wanted to include Stitch by Stitch, and Seven was generous enough to provide us wardrobe for the show. Fast forward to Saturday, September 27th... I was helping Chalice Carling with some final preparations for the Stitch by Stitch show, and she said, "Vixie, I have something to show you. This is Seven's newest dress and she's designed and named it the 'Miss Vixie' after you." I was absolutely speechless and the tears just sort of welled up. Fashion for me is art, and I'm completely inspired by the content creators and artists in SL. Its an honor for me to even wear their clothes. I feel like I am part of living art. This blog and my work with Captured was a way for me to give a little back to the community that I call home. For me to be able to shine a little light on the work of others gives me such joy. To hear that you somehow inspired another person leaves me with no words. Thank you Sevenstar Amat, for your unbelievably sweet gesture. I am the luckiest girl in SL. HIGGIES! ;)

Style Card:
Skin: Blowpop Honey - Plum Portia
Hair: Novocaine Antoinette - Port
Outfit: Stitch by Stitch Miss Vixie's Dress and Hat
Shoes: Aoharu Ribbon Heels - Black
Earrings: JCNY Diamond Studs - Modified Metal and Gem
Eyes: MMS Turquoise (No Longer for Sale)
Lashes: KM Starry


Sevenstar Amat said...

Vixie, now you make ME, it´s true: tears and laughing at the same time:)
I did not know that our meeting led to those developments, but now as I read it, I can say you are right, it IS a fashion fairy tale and I do love fairytales!
and the best thing is, it is not over yet...:)

Chalice Carling said...

Oh Vixie and Seven. How lucky are we that this chance meeting occured. We (the SL fashion community) got to enjoy a stunning runway show featuring Seven's creations and now, we get to wear this stunning dress (The Miss Vixie) created in your honor. I consider you both two shining lights in SL. One who creates amazing fashion and one who appreciates amazing fashion. You both deserve your success and I say it couldn't have happened to two more deserving people.

Jula Carnell said...

Love the intro to this blog, its fantastic. Awww you write well too. Pictures are fab. I bought something from S&S at the Trade Show and youre right, they are gems x

Vixie Rayna said...

LOVE!!! you can totally feel it. you ladies are the bestest! thank you. :D

lucillemorigi said...

I am so happy that you found this true treasure not only as a designer but as a person - Sevenstar Amat!

Happy that you are her fairy, as I told you I love fairies!

I am thrilled!!! The show was awsome!
I am so happy I could be there.
Thank you for taking Seven* to Captured! People need more Sevenstar to bring more colours and happiness and fun into fashion!

Sevenstar Amat said...

thank you all for your lovley comments, Vixie, Chalice, Jula and Lucille :)this is really a faboulous-girls-party here now

@Chalice:I´m really touched by your words
@Jula: thanks so much for appriciating my stuff
@Vixie: your style of writing is really good!not only your taste ans your personality
@Lucille: thank you for your constant support since 1 year in SL, I am very happy you came to the show :)