Thursday, January 7, 2010

GOLden Donuts & Vixie <33

Today I'm sharing my donuts! This never happens as I'm very greedy, and enjoy my tastie treats. Especially the SL versions from Akeyo and Pink Fuel. They're low on fat and high on fun!

For Christmas, my dear friend Beertschi Lytton made me the coolest dress so aptly named... Vixielicious. The dress was just released at Cynful&Co part of the Cynful brand owned by Cynthia Ultsch. I love the texture of this dress and the unique cut of it! The dress comes in pretty much every color! I just adored the pink version when I tried it on and I've been living it in since!

My Pinkie Skull has some great capris in their store from leopard to glitter, and the pink ones worked perfectly with my new Vixielicious dress. Marcopol Oh designed necklaces for me this year for Christmas, my dear friends received their own copies and I had one made for myself. It's officially Vixie day. Lolssss :P

BAX Coen Designer, Julia Merosi was kind enough to share her flower bangles with me. I love the pink version (color change option). Of course I am rocking my BAX prestige boots. It just doesn't get better than this. If not for the donuts I would be licking my boots.

Thank you for enjoying donuts with me today... You too can be lazy with your very own (the Akeyo donuts come with 12 poses!!). I know everyone loves donuts!!

TAXI to GOLden Shopping to grab your own Akeyo Donut!

Style Card:
Skin - [KA] - Agnes Bardot in Pale Make Up 03
Hair - Aoharu - Momo in Espresso (OPENING SOON @ GOLden)
Eyes - MADesign - Truth in Green 7
Lashes - MMS (Now Lelutka) - Photoshoot II
Dress - Cynful&Co. - Vixielicious in Pinkish
Capris - My Pinkie Skull - Glitter Plain in Pink
Belt - Aoharu - Twin Skinny in Black (OPENING SOON @ GOLden)
Necklace - Marcopol Oh Studio - Vixie Diamond
Earrings - Bliensen + MaiTai - Childhood
Donut - Pink Fuel - Happy
Bangle - BAX - Flower in Pink
Boots - BAX - Prestige in Black
Poses - LostAngel Industries - Just Dance #1
Set - Akeyo - Donuts (Berrystars, Chocolate, Orio, Sugar, Strawberry Fruitcup, and Vanilla Stripe)

Yeah, I love milk and donuts. :))


Chalice Carling said...

Can I have the pink one? Another dress named after the irrepressible Vixie :-) Yay.

Chalice licks Vixie's donuts when she isn't looking.

Vixie Rayna said...

Lmaooo... I love waking up to your amazing comments!! You can have as many as you would like because I adore you! :P

It's really an honor to share my name with all the wonderful things people have made for me. Very humbling to be honest... I admire all the creative talent and skill it takes to create inworld. We have some insanely talented content creators, and I'm just tickled to see what's next.

Love you lots :)

Chalice Carling said...

I second that VR :-) I just went furniture shopping (AGAIN) and the stuff out there is amazing.

Love u. Tis ok...just licked off the icing. You can have the rest.

SerinaJane said...

What a delicious Post!
Thank you for featuring Bax Coen.
Your Blog was added to the FEAT. Blog panel in our Main-store Location.

SJ Loon
Bax Coen Ambassador