Friday, June 11, 2010

Nardcotix MANA is Here!

Nardya Rousselot has been working her little prim fingers to the pixel with the her latest endeavor... Nardcotix MANA! It's an entire shoe line that will blow your mind. Not only are there shoes for every occasion but now there are options to go with it. The MANA line of shoes come with a very user-friendly HUD that allows you to adjust size, skin color, nail polish... and the most exciting is NAIL ART! You can have little hearts and flowers on your toesies!

Nards is such a truly wonderful person, and I'm so thankful to be her friend (and Chubba's). She so kindly named these shoes after me, and I couldn't be more honored. THANK YOU NARDS!! The woman is a gem and has named several more pairs after her friends (*HINT HINT*) - The full names of each MANA shoe inspired by Nardya's friends - Anessa Stine, Breezie Noel, Vixie Rayna, and Dezi Jarvinen.

The stone embellishment yet casual style make these a must have for summer, and you really can wear these with anything because the stones are color change too! *Dies* Don't ask me how long I've played with these shoes... as soon as I was allowed to wear them in public I haven't taken them off. You'll have to pry them from my cold dead pixels!

In honor of this amazing new shoe line... Nardcotix is issuing a Blogger Challenge! Play along today and you can win your choice of a MANA color pack! Check out the Nardcotix Blog for details.

Winners will be announced at the NARDCOTIX OPENING :: Sunday, June 13 – 1pm SLT

Style Card:
Shoes - Nardcotix MANA - Vixie Flat Sandals (With Aragonite Stone) *OPENING SOON ON GOLDEN Shopping*
Hair -Kin - Riley in Brown
Lashes - KaraMia & MMS (Lelukta) -Starry and Photoshoot II
Skin - Belleza - BR Med in Elle 16 HB
Nails - Pixemode - Sculpted Nails V2
Earring - Miel - Lun
Necklace - Zaara - Karmuka in Wood Gold
Shorts - Cynful - Chrizzpy in Browndark
Shirt - Zaara - Adyan Kurta in Lime

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