Sunday, November 1, 2009

Halloween Party Highlights

GOL Element, The 7th had their annual Halloween Party on the 31st. We had live DJ's , performers... Trivia and Costume Contests! It was 8 hours of sheer madness! The event was a huge success thanks to the wonderful patrons who came out to celebrate with us.

Throughout the party Element, The 7th gave out $16,000L in prizes from our wonderful sponsors, LostAngel Industries and BOOM. Over the day, 17 different people won gift vouchers totaling $500 - $2000.

The costumes in the Club were outrageous! We had ghouls, goblins, ghosts, demons, and so much more! Our costume winners each won a total of $2000 in Gift Vouchers from LostAngel Industries and BOOM! The winners were:
1. Foxydevil Sweetwater (12pm - 2pm Winner)
2. Anoushka Klaar (2pm - 4pm Winner)
3. Soulless Mai (4pm - 6pm Winner)
4. ALTAIR Haustraun (6pm - 8pm Winner)

Costume Winners (Top Row L-R - Foxydevil Sweetwater and Anoushka Klaar) (Bottom Row L-R ALTAIR Haustraun and Soulless Mai)

Other winners of the night included the following party goers! Each were thrilled to win a $500 gift voucher from BOOM or LostAngel Industries!
1. Sabo Allen (Trivia Champion - Winning 3 times during our 8 hour party)
2. Echo Primswitch
3. Anoushka Klaar
4. Laya Felisimo
5. Gunther Grizot
6. Jkay Jules
7. Barbarella Fuosing (This smart cookie won 2 times during the event)
8. Steele Branner
9. Samantha Smadga
10. Kallisto Destiny
11. Halo Nimoptra
12. Char Sabretooth
13. Maz Schmooz

GOL Element, The 7th and GOLden Shopping would like to thank the amazing Aranel Ah of BOOM and Evangeline Cortes of LostAngel Industries for sponsoring the event. Dakota Neumann, Founder of GOL, would also like to thank everyone (Event Managers, DJs, Hosts, Performers, & Security) who worked so hard putting together this tremendous event.

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