Monday, July 28, 2008

Less Than Three <3

<3 Skins
Those who check my Flickr will have seen these pics already, but I had to blog about the fabulousness that is Less Than Three (can't do the love symbol darn HTML). Keep in mind that these pics are taken in-world with ZERO photoshop or any editing at all - I only dragged and dropped them into the Comic Life application for layout only. And, a caveat - yes I am friends with Nykki (love LOVE LOVE her), but these skins are some of my favorites so I would have blogged these anyway. So, there.

If you are into unique make-ups to mix up your look or add umph to that photo shoot, then you must stop by Less Than Three right now! Do not pass Go or collect $200 lindens. If you are a skin whore raise your hand. /me raises both

Now that its settled! You must add some fun to your look! The Scene Couture and Circus skin lines will some major WOW to your collection. Both are heavily modified Eloh skins, but the make-up is top notch. They both come in four skins tones, pale, light, tan, and dark. Each tone has different make-up colorings, so of course I wear the entire palette. You have to mix up it up baby!

Onto my favorite skins...the new Glam line is INSANE!! Beautiful Lie and Desu Paireetsu are the dramatic make-ups from that collection. These skins are a combination of photo-source and hand drawing - from Nykki's own hand. It took her months to create the skin, and she is constantly doing new make-ups. In fact she has already modified the Glam line is now on her second edition (damn her quickness). The two above were group gifties. Stay tuned I'll be blogging the new ones very soon!!

Saturday, July 5, 2008


Who knew that 3 off-the-cuff poses could wind up in a spread like this?  Impacacritce Breiz is demanding, fearless, and a visionary.  She entitled this Noire, and its currently located on the wall in her studio.  Oh and more news...
I'm one of 20 models in SL selected to participate in the Breiz Photography Captured book. Another exciting adventure in SL!!

More to come...