Saturday, January 30, 2010

Midas Touch

I like to think I dress my age in SL (no, not 3 yrs old, I mean 30-something lol) but being 30something doesn't mean you're an old fuddy duddy. This little ensemble I threw together a few months ago but never blogged it, never thought about it until Vixie saw it and insisted and so here I am :P

Huge shout outs to:

Tricky Boucher of Belleza. Yeah Alyson is all over the feeds and well, rightly so !! I like to think of her as Jesse's cute younger sister. I'm a huge huge fan of Jesse and I had tried countless other skin's but nothing compared to Jesse, nothing could stop me wearing Jesse. That was until Alyson came along. Hell yes, I'm addicted. Thank you Tricky for your creativity and your awesomeness!

Mariska Simons, Blacklace CEO/Designer for giving us ladies the most delicious lingerie to wear. So delicious it is, that I prefer to show mine off than hide it under layers of clothes (although that can be quite sexy also :p). Every SL woman should own at least one set of Blacklace Lingerie and as there is a free gift when you join their subscrib-o-matic list, you have no excuses!

My fellow GOLden Blogger Beertschi Lytton for bringing us some fun and funky designs that can be found at Cynful under the Cynful & Co. label. High quality designs, gorgeous textures, perfect prims, an abundance of colours - you could ask for no more. I'm really excited to see what Beer come's up with next, You go girl !!

Aranel Ah, Ms *BOOM* herself. Girl, I've been a huge fan of yours for ages now. Sexy, Fun, Cute and very importantly, inexpensive creations, you go from strength to strength, your creations more daring and you make me want to buy your whole store! Thank you so much for making sexy accessible to all!

Taxi to GOLden - you have no excuses, come check out the awesomeness yourself.

Hair: TRUTH - Skyla in Mocha
Bra: Blacklace - Champaign Satin & Lace
Shirt: *BOOM* Tahiti Sweety (Sands) dress
Pants: [ Cynful ] CapeyoJeans - cappuccino
Shoes: [LeLutka]-Saffron Pumps (Soft Tan)

Poses: Glitterati/Mudhoney, LAP, Diesel Works.

Modelled, Styled and Photographed by Laya Felisimo (All Photographs are Raw shots except cropping and framing)

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Pepper me Crazy!

I do love me. In fact, my shape hasn't changed since I made my face back in January of '08. But, I do like to create new characters and makes shapes for friends. PXL has some great skins, and the JULY series really inspired me to make this custom Pepper shape.

I thought I'd dress "Pepper" up in something fitting for her character. She's full of attitude and sass, so I had to start with the new hair from Kookie ($50L FTW)! I adore So Many Styles and Irie's put out a $50L jacket for the Red Cross Haiti Relief fund. It's nice to shop and feel good about donating money. I encourage you all to spread the love around either in-world or directly to the Red Cross. Every dollar counts.

Happy Donating! :)

If you haven't seen GOLden Shopping, you should stop by today! We've got everything from AO's to zippers! From Aoharu to Skream! TAXI to GOLden!

Style Card:
Shape - by VR - Pepper (Custom for PXL July Skin)
Skin -PXL - July NAT DE in Passion DEB
Hair - Kookie - Quiffy in Blonde with Black Streak
Eyes - MADesign - Promise in Brown Intense 6
Lashes - MMS (Now Lelutka) - Photoshoot II
Jacket - So Many Styles - Another Vintage in Red (Red Cross Haiti Relief)
Shirt - So Many Styles - Social Tee in Grey (Shirt and Pants Layer)
Belt - Aoharu - Twin Skinny in Black
Jeans - So Many Styles - Skinny Ripped in Grey (Underpants Layer)
Shoes - COCO - Riding Boots in Black
Earrings - GLOW Studio / DeLyn - Allstars
Necklace - W&B - Repairs in Silver Onyx
Ring - JCNY - Florentine Engagement
Poses - Sr3d Poses

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Believe Me When I Say ..... ([skream]GOLden Exclusive)

.....One of my favourite stores in SL, [skream], has just released one of the most delicious freebies out there right now. Even better still, it's an exclusive freebie to the GOLden Shopping Sim which means that, unless you take a trip to GOLden, go straight to GOLden, do not pass go, do not collect 200L$, then you will not be able to grab your copy of [skream]'s "Believe me when i say.."because GOLden has the 'monopoly' on this little treasure. A cute lip piercing designed by the awesome Jacqueline Cliassi, is made up of several little 'tacks' placed around with mouth to keep it closed and a sexy little lip ring. You can get your copy for a huge 0L$ !! by dropping into the [skream] store situated at GOLden.

Skin:Belleza - Jesse Deep Tan 14
Hair: Fascino - Lucia Chocolate
Lashes: Glow - Hollywood Lashes Greta Garbo
Eyes: SLink - Eyescream Flecked Forest
Piercing: skream - Believe Me When I Say ... (EXCLUSIVE GOLden FREEBIE)

I always wanted 'dolly dimples' when i was little, the ultimate in cuteness in my humble opinion. Now that i've been able to create my ultimate look in Second Life, the dimples still elude me. Kadee's Dimples is a cute cute and definately unusual piercing available now from [skream] at GOLden right now affording an 'edge' to other piercings.

Skin:Belleza - Jesse Deep Tan 14
Hair: Fascino - Lucia Chocolate
Lashes: Glow - Hollywood Lashes Greta Garbo
Eyes: SLink - Eyescream Flecked Forest
Piercing: skream - Kadee's Dimples

Not that i'm emo or anything else other than admittedly being a bit behind the times, i've suddenly developed a pechant for razor blades in my mouth (Second Life only of course lol). [skreams] 'Razed Delights' is a great piercing combo that give's you a sexy punky look and feel comprising of the obvious razor blade in the mouth, lip rings and piercings, nose ring, pierced cheekbones and double brow piercing. Come n take a look at [skream]'s GOLden store for your copy of 'Razed Delights'.

Skin:Belleza - Jesse Deep Tan 15 HB
Hair: Truth - Genie Espresso
Lashes: Glow - Hollywood Lashes Greta Garbo
Eyes: SLink - Eyescream Flecked Forest
Piercing: skream - Razed Delights

I'm not a huge jewellery person RL and SL except for a few sentimental pieces or dress pieces for formal wear but the range of jewellery available at [skream] has turned my head and converted me to wearing just a few little extra prims recently. These delicious 'LadyDragon Hoops' are so versatile, being able to be dressed down for an urban casual feel or completely glammed up to allow a gorgeous formal look. Be sure to pop into the store at GOLden and take a nosey poke for yourself, jewllery addict or not, i can promise you that you will not leave disappointed (or empty handed).

Skin:Belleza - Jesse Deep Tan 15 HB
Hair: Truth - Genie Espresso
Lashes: Glow - Hollywood Lashes Greta Garbo
Eyes: SLink - Eyescream Flecked Forest
Earrings: skream - LadyDragon Hoops.

Photography (Raw SL Shots) - Laya Felisimo
Model - Laya Felisimo
Writer - Laya Felisimo

Monday, January 11, 2010

Aoharu is GOLden

GOLden Shopping is pleased to announce the that Aoharu is the newest store to our sim. We are very excited to have the talented Machang Pichot as one of our designers and friends. She joins BAX Coen Designs, LostAngel Industries, BOOM, Akeyo, So Many Styles, Cynful, CNS E-Motion, Alphamale & Blacklace, My Pinkie Skull, Boudoir, C.Smit, NSD, Addict, DEZNO, Boa Creations, Marcopol Oh Studio, HLD, Skream, Sr3d Poses, G9 Design, Kiliebe, and Ines Creations.

TAXI to GOLden Shopping.

I am in love with Aoharu's newest Tweed suit sets. Machang was so very kind to pass me the dresses and jackets. I love the belt detail on the dress, I'm infatuated with high-waisted pants too so this was a real treat. The jacket is classic Aoharu style with realistic shapes and textures. And, I love the resizing menu! Sooo easy!

I hope you'll hop over to GOLden and enjoy all the amazing shops! Find your own style @ GOLden Shopping.

Style Card:
Skin -[KA] - Bardot Vivienne in Make Up 07
Hair - Lamb - Witch in Kit Kat
Eyes - MADesign - Dimensional in Twilight
Lashes - MMS (Now Lelutka) - Photoshoot II
Jacket - Aoharu - Tweed Short in Black
Dress - Aoharu - Tweed Feminine in brown
Shoes - YS&YS - Cala Saona in Ocelot
Earrings - Paper Couture - Gilded Pearl Fruit
Necklace - Miamai - Aura in Gold
Ring - JCNY - Florentine Engagement
Poses - Sr3d Poses - Photoshoot, Cold as Ice
Poses - LostAngel Industries - Spring Fever Series

Thursday, January 7, 2010

GOLden Donuts & Vixie <33

Today I'm sharing my donuts! This never happens as I'm very greedy, and enjoy my tastie treats. Especially the SL versions from Akeyo and Pink Fuel. They're low on fat and high on fun!

For Christmas, my dear friend Beertschi Lytton made me the coolest dress so aptly named... Vixielicious. The dress was just released at Cynful&Co part of the Cynful brand owned by Cynthia Ultsch. I love the texture of this dress and the unique cut of it! The dress comes in pretty much every color! I just adored the pink version when I tried it on and I've been living it in since!

My Pinkie Skull has some great capris in their store from leopard to glitter, and the pink ones worked perfectly with my new Vixielicious dress. Marcopol Oh designed necklaces for me this year for Christmas, my dear friends received their own copies and I had one made for myself. It's officially Vixie day. Lolssss :P

BAX Coen Designer, Julia Merosi was kind enough to share her flower bangles with me. I love the pink version (color change option). Of course I am rocking my BAX prestige boots. It just doesn't get better than this. If not for the donuts I would be licking my boots.

Thank you for enjoying donuts with me today... You too can be lazy with your very own (the Akeyo donuts come with 12 poses!!). I know everyone loves donuts!!

TAXI to GOLden Shopping to grab your own Akeyo Donut!

Style Card:
Skin - [KA] - Agnes Bardot in Pale Make Up 03
Hair - Aoharu - Momo in Espresso (OPENING SOON @ GOLden)
Eyes - MADesign - Truth in Green 7
Lashes - MMS (Now Lelutka) - Photoshoot II
Dress - Cynful&Co. - Vixielicious in Pinkish
Capris - My Pinkie Skull - Glitter Plain in Pink
Belt - Aoharu - Twin Skinny in Black (OPENING SOON @ GOLden)
Necklace - Marcopol Oh Studio - Vixie Diamond
Earrings - Bliensen + MaiTai - Childhood
Donut - Pink Fuel - Happy
Bangle - BAX - Flower in Pink
Boots - BAX - Prestige in Black
Poses - LostAngel Industries - Just Dance #1
Set - Akeyo - Donuts (Berrystars, Chocolate, Orio, Sugar, Strawberry Fruitcup, and Vanilla Stripe)

Yeah, I love milk and donuts. :))

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Tons of Goodies @ GOLden

I love a good freebie and Marcopol Oh Studio has graciously given out a Happy New Year gift to all the GOLden Shoppers (Visit the SIM for a Group Invite)! YES FREE!! It's a super fantastic gold monocle and a beautifully detailed feather brooch. This is definitely a wonderful Wednesday!

Besides freebies...we've got a ton of new releases at GOLden Shopping. Irie Campese of So Many Styles just blew me away with her new collection. She was kind enough to pass me some copies! It's charming and edgy which is something she does very well. Oh, and I love how well my suede BAX boots matched the look! I'm loving the new rainbow of colors in their Prestige collection.

Find your own style at GOLden Shopping!

Style Card:
Skin - [KA] - Agnes Bardot in Pale Make Up 06
Hair - Truth - Grace in Treacle
Eyes - MADesign - Truth in Green 7
Lashes - KaraMia [KM] - Starry
Blouse - So Many Styles - Prairie Tunic in Light Brown (Jacket Layer with Cuffs)
Undershirt - Elate - Tuli in Cream (Undershirt and Gloves with Sleeve Prims)
Jeans- So Many Styles - Skinny in Grey
Scarf - So Many Styles - Knitt Neckwarmer in Blue
Glasses - Marcopol Oh Studio - Le Monocle in Gold (*FREE* Join GOLden Shopper)
Brooch - Marcopol Oh Studio - My Skully Feathers (*FREE* Join GOLden Shopper)
Earrings - Pididdle - Cloth Button
Belt - BAX - Leather in Brown
Boots - BAX - Prestige Suede in Blue with Grey Boot Tops (Bohemian)
Poses - LostAngel Industries - Sweet Seduction #8 and #9


(Edit to update SLURLS)

Monday, January 4, 2010

The Home of Your Dreams @ GOL Design

Sometimes you find a place and know immediately it is home. When I first discovered Dakota Neumann's amazing luxury Villa's that feeling of home washed over me. The inspired vision and balance of design amaze me to this day. Each home carries it's own unique features that almost breathe life into the space around it. That's rare to find in real life, but especially in our second lives.

Today I wanted to share a little GOL Design with you. The luxury villas are displayed over two sims. Both sims are filled with unique modern homes. The textures are custom-made by Dakota and his homes are trademark GOL style with their distinctive lighting and structure. The beautiful lighting and striking textures help set a wonderful mood and atmosphere. Marcopol Oh Studio has collaborated with Dakota Neumann to outfit many of the models with furniture. As soon as you walk in, you begin to imagine your life there.

I'm very blessed to live in the crown jewel of GOL Design, our home at Taliesin. It's the home of my dreams. It's my safe haven in SL, the place where I'm surrounded by my family and friends in total comfort and peace. The new year is about beginnings, making change and starting fresh. Take this opportunity to discover the GOL Lifestyle. You too can find the home of your dreams.

Style Card:
Skin -[KA] - Bardot Agnes Pale in Makeup 06
Hair - Truth - Lara in Treacle
Eyes - MADesign - Truth in Blue7
Lashes - MMS (Now Lelutka) - Photoshoot II
Jacket - Zaara - Inka in Eggplant
Turtleneck - Aoharu - Knit in Nude *COMING SOON to GOLden Shopping*
Shorts - Tomoto - Comme Un Garcon Culotte in Noire
Belt - Aoharu - Twinskinny in Brown*COMING SOON to GOLden Shopping*
Socks - Aoharu - Flower in White *COMING SOON to GOLden Shopping*
Shoes - Anexx - Vaudvillian (DU III) *COMING SOON to GOLden Shopping*
Furniture - Marcopol Oh Studio @ GOL Design - Art Steel Lamp ($200L), A. Warhol Campbell Soup (*FREE*), Nova Lamp ($150L), Hutch Starck ($200L).
Homes - GOL Design - Bosch [Directly Above] ($5700L, 449 Prims, 50x40), Jaquela [Top Collage Left] ($6300L, 560 Prims, 50x45) & Aero [Top Collage Right] ($4900L, 410 Prims, 30x40)
All homes are Central-Controlled with blind system, lockable doors and lights. Copy Only.

If you aren't ready to invest in a villa of your own, you can explore the GOL Estates and rent the home of your dreams.


Sunday, January 3, 2010

Where's Aimee?

LeeZu Baxter, designer extraordinaire, has done it again with the release of Aimee. I had heard about this dress for over a month, as it was being made for MVW 4th Runner-up Ella Quinsette (UK). I'm a loyal employee, and even I wondered just how different it could be than other SL gowns. LeeZu's work has surprised even me, and I have high expectations when it comes to her. This dress is revolutionary as it fits ANY pose. It moves with you! The dress doesn't drag behind you, it's stunning. Your legs will never pass through a gown AGAIN. It's fact I tested out a zillion poses with it. I am still amazed.

Style Card:
Skin -[KA] - Bardot Agnes Pale in Makeup 06
Hair - Maitreya - Alex in Walnut
Eyes - MADesign - Truth in Blue7
Lashes - MMS (Now Lelutka) - Photoshoot II
Gown - LeeZu - Aimee in Graybrown
Shoes - Courtisane - Hors D'Haleine in Graybrown
Poses - Torridwear