Friday, April 19, 2013


Real life has pulled me away a little bit more lately. I was thrilled to pop back inworld to style up some goodness!  This post is chock full of awesomeness, SLink, PXL, Kunglers and more!

Unless you've been living under a rock, you most certainly are aware of the new SLink avatar enhancement hands! Siddean is a genius and if we all didn't have reason to wear them with the new possibilities for perfect skin match and nail art goodness from our favorite designers, you'll be dying to get the new hands.

[PXL] skins is having a 48 hour VIP sale on their Sophia skin line! Hop on over for a great deal and don't forget to pick up the SLink appliers Hart created that make perfect matching one click away!

Cosmetic Fair is in full swing, you can pick up great makeups, nail polishes, eyelashes and more during the event. I found a great nail polish HUD for the SLink hands from Pididdle at Cosmetic Fair along with some fabulous lashes!
Be safe out there my little fashionistas! The world is full of great finds, shop responsibly!

Happy Shopping!

Love, Vi

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Model/Photographer: Vixie Rayna

Styling Details AFTER The Jump!