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 Thank you for stopping by and offering to share your wonderful creations!! Please understand that we only blog things that we love and find inspirational.  To be honest, we love A LOT of things and you'll find our blog is a great mix of things we purchase along with wonderful items that are given as review copies along with items from our close designer friends. Everything makes it here because of LOVE, and that's what we're most happy to share!

All blog posts are on FLICKR, but not all of our FLICKR photos make it to posts on the blog. This could be due to time or that we've already posted for the day. We do try to share on other Social Media such as FACEBOOK, PLURK and GOOGLE+, but we're human and well this sometimes doesn't happen! But, we are happy to share if you have sales or events to announce. We don't have rules so much here!

Review copies are notated with SLURL links, this is our way to promote the creators who have shared their hard work with us and to make it easier for our readers to SHOP!! Also, it helps insure we are within FTC Guidelines.

To reach  us, the best way is to send a NC/offline in-world. We get all of our messages to our email and respond quickly if you have questions too!

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