Monday, January 24, 2011

Miss Azoury 2011

Model & Stylist: Vixie Rayna
Photographer: Kallisto Destiny

Outfit: Azoury
Shoes: Azoury
Necklace: Je Suis
Hair: Pacadi

Azoury is holding a contest to find the next Miss Azoury! It could be you... Check out the details below and visit Azoury inworld today.

Contest Miss Azoury 2011

Description :

It’s a beauty contest for female avatars, highlighting Azoury clothing brand.
Every woman can participate.
The contest theme is: AVANT-GARDE and CITY.

*Registration :
Please fill and copy/paste the notecard below and fill it with the 3 required photos (cf Application notecard for Miss Azoury contest 2011), and send it by mail at to Elvira Pelazzi before January 31st 2011 to take part in this contest.

This entry has three essential procedures:
1-Join “MISS AZOURY CONTEST 2011” group in-world.
2-Fill the application note and add the 3 required photos. Attention, clothes and shoes chosen for photos MUST be from Azoury collection.
All photos have to be send by mail at
3-Put the link to Azoury in your profile.

*The selection: the jury is composed of Azoury brand representatives; it’ll select 10 candidates among all applications and compose the final casting for Miss Azoury 2011 contest.

*Presentation evening of the 10 candidates.
February 4th, 2011 from 1.30pm SLT, there will be an evening dedicated to 10 nominee presentation. Among these women, Miss Azoury 2011 will be elected in the final show.
There will be several surprises during this evening.
We’ll also present all people and sponsors who have worked in the contest.

*Miss Azoury 2011 election:
The final show will take place February 11th from 1pm SLT (precise landmark given later).
The selected candidates will parade three times. Outfits will be chosen and given by Mayhem Seetan, Azoury’s designer. All the girls will receive the same outfits and will wear it in the given order. They can highlight it with accessories and jewels.
Before each parade, hairstyles and accessories changing are allowed, but candidates can’t change skin and shape.
Candidates will parade in alphabetical order and they will receive it with the outfits.

- 30,000 L$ cash.
-4 Azoury outfits (for approximately 1500 L$).
-All the new releases in the 6 months.
-2 professional photos by A.S photo.
-Be a model for Azoury vendors.
-Partners and sponsors gifts :

1- An exclusive set of jewelery "Miss Azoury "
Just You : Clyde Avon

2- An exclusive skin "Bauta Purple"
[sYs] : Syane et Systi Cisse

3- A place as model in Evenementia Fashion Agency
Evenementia : Lalabel Demina

4- Gift Card of 3000 L$
Eternal shape : Cristal Treillis

5- A lot of Edika Creations outfits
Edika Creations : Edika Kohime

6- A set of outfits from "Le Charme Fashion"
Le Charme Fashion : Ramona Planer & Mirtha Marjeta

7 - 4 pairs of shoes to choose from MPP
MPP : MorganeParis Parx

8 - Gift card of 3000 L$ for Apolon Motors
Apolon Motors : Apolon Obscure

9- All the news from Nefertiti Kimagawa during the reign period
Designer of Nefertiti Kimagawa

10 - Radar Magazine Cover + Interview and a photospread
Radar Magazine : Labella Farella

Thanks another sponsors :
- JetsetLife Radio : Apolon Obscure & Yellow aya
- La Vague des filles : Chloe Sejan & Natelisa Aries
- Fan Shopping chat : Elyna Carver
- INXX holding : Agatha Klees

*Candidates have to be present minimum 30 minutes before the final show under penalty of elimination.

*Organizers reserve at any time the right to exclude a candidate for any reason.

*By entering the contest, candidates allow organizers and Azoury brand to use their name and image in the contest and its promotion.

Jury and marking:

The jury is composed of several members:
*Mayhem Seetan, Azoury brand Designer.
*Aniki Seetan, owner A.S photo
* Elvira Pelazzi, Azoury brand Manager.
* Annah Cham, Evenementia Fashion Manager.
* Alatiel Malies, Radar Magazine Marketing Manager & Photographer
* Vixie Rayna, an SL fashion representative.

It’s possible that more people integrate the jury later.
The jury will be presented in the presentation evening of the candidates.
Each judge will give a mark /10 for each parade of the model. This mark will reflect the beauty of the avatar wearing the outfit.
The total of the points will indicate the ranking.

Support and communication :
*A poster of the event given to maximum of people.
*Advertising HUD send before the event.
*Event presentation to Second Life Medias.
*Using of universal advertising groups.

Organization & Planning:
*Half December: contest launching.
*Till January 31st, sponsors choice and communication about the event.
*January 31st: Applications sending deadline.
*February 4th, 2011: Candidates evening presentation.
Plus Azoury CEO, jury members, sponsors and contest organizers presentation.
*February 11th, 2011: Miss Azoury 2011 Election.