Monday, January 4, 2010

The Home of Your Dreams @ GOL Design

Sometimes you find a place and know immediately it is home. When I first discovered Dakota Neumann's amazing luxury Villa's that feeling of home washed over me. The inspired vision and balance of design amaze me to this day. Each home carries it's own unique features that almost breathe life into the space around it. That's rare to find in real life, but especially in our second lives.

Today I wanted to share a little GOL Design with you. The luxury villas are displayed over two sims. Both sims are filled with unique modern homes. The textures are custom-made by Dakota and his homes are trademark GOL style with their distinctive lighting and structure. The beautiful lighting and striking textures help set a wonderful mood and atmosphere. Marcopol Oh Studio has collaborated with Dakota Neumann to outfit many of the models with furniture. As soon as you walk in, you begin to imagine your life there.

I'm very blessed to live in the crown jewel of GOL Design, our home at Taliesin. It's the home of my dreams. It's my safe haven in SL, the place where I'm surrounded by my family and friends in total comfort and peace. The new year is about beginnings, making change and starting fresh. Take this opportunity to discover the GOL Lifestyle. You too can find the home of your dreams.

Style Card:
Skin -[KA] - Bardot Agnes Pale in Makeup 06
Hair - Truth - Lara in Treacle
Eyes - MADesign - Truth in Blue7
Lashes - MMS (Now Lelutka) - Photoshoot II
Jacket - Zaara - Inka in Eggplant
Turtleneck - Aoharu - Knit in Nude *COMING SOON to GOLden Shopping*
Shorts - Tomoto - Comme Un Garcon Culotte in Noire
Belt - Aoharu - Twinskinny in Brown*COMING SOON to GOLden Shopping*
Socks - Aoharu - Flower in White *COMING SOON to GOLden Shopping*
Shoes - Anexx - Vaudvillian (DU III) *COMING SOON to GOLden Shopping*
Furniture - Marcopol Oh Studio @ GOL Design - Art Steel Lamp ($200L), A. Warhol Campbell Soup (*FREE*), Nova Lamp ($150L), Hutch Starck ($200L).
Homes - GOL Design - Bosch [Directly Above] ($5700L, 449 Prims, 50x40), Jaquela [Top Collage Left] ($6300L, 560 Prims, 50x45) & Aero [Top Collage Right] ($4900L, 410 Prims, 30x40)
All homes are Central-Controlled with blind system, lockable doors and lights. Copy Only.

If you aren't ready to invest in a villa of your own, you can explore the GOL Estates and rent the home of your dreams.



Anonymous said...

Although the builds are lovely, I am sure the creators have overlooked the fact that selling Warhol reproductions, whether included in the build or for sale separately is in direct violation of copyright laws, unless they have specific allowances from Warhol's estate.

Having now pointed this out, I am also sure the creators will rectify these oversights immediately and either secure rights to sell these reproductions in world, or remove them from their builds.

Vixie Rayna said...

Although I can appreciate your opinion, I do wish you had at least signed your name. It's nice to know who I'm speaking with...

Although, there will be no argument from me. Because I won't pretend to know the ins/outs of copyright laws as I'm sure lawyers with extensive knowledge in this subject even disagree.

The creator of the in-world painting was very gracious and immediately updated the item to a freebie. It's available at the SLURL provided. :)

Chalice Carling said...

If Anonymous was keen to really do the right thing, he/she would have made contact in-world posing this as an issue rather than making an anonymous statement in public on your blog.

Vixie Rayna said...

Did I tell you that I love you today? :P

Chalice Carling said...

Only 10 times :-) xxxxx