Saturday, January 30, 2010

Midas Touch

I like to think I dress my age in SL (no, not 3 yrs old, I mean 30-something lol) but being 30something doesn't mean you're an old fuddy duddy. This little ensemble I threw together a few months ago but never blogged it, never thought about it until Vixie saw it and insisted and so here I am :P

Huge shout outs to:

Tricky Boucher of Belleza. Yeah Alyson is all over the feeds and well, rightly so !! I like to think of her as Jesse's cute younger sister. I'm a huge huge fan of Jesse and I had tried countless other skin's but nothing compared to Jesse, nothing could stop me wearing Jesse. That was until Alyson came along. Hell yes, I'm addicted. Thank you Tricky for your creativity and your awesomeness!

Mariska Simons, Blacklace CEO/Designer for giving us ladies the most delicious lingerie to wear. So delicious it is, that I prefer to show mine off than hide it under layers of clothes (although that can be quite sexy also :p). Every SL woman should own at least one set of Blacklace Lingerie and as there is a free gift when you join their subscrib-o-matic list, you have no excuses!

My fellow GOLden Blogger Beertschi Lytton for bringing us some fun and funky designs that can be found at Cynful under the Cynful & Co. label. High quality designs, gorgeous textures, perfect prims, an abundance of colours - you could ask for no more. I'm really excited to see what Beer come's up with next, You go girl !!

Aranel Ah, Ms *BOOM* herself. Girl, I've been a huge fan of yours for ages now. Sexy, Fun, Cute and very importantly, inexpensive creations, you go from strength to strength, your creations more daring and you make me want to buy your whole store! Thank you so much for making sexy accessible to all!

Taxi to GOLden - you have no excuses, come check out the awesomeness yourself.

Hair: TRUTH - Skyla in Mocha
Bra: Blacklace - Champaign Satin & Lace
Shirt: *BOOM* Tahiti Sweety (Sands) dress
Pants: [ Cynful ] CapeyoJeans - cappuccino
Shoes: [LeLutka]-Saffron Pumps (Soft Tan)

Poses: Glitterati/Mudhoney, LAP, Diesel Works.

Modelled, Styled and Photographed by Laya Felisimo (All Photographs are Raw shots except cropping and framing)

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Ari said...

Ooooh, nice outfit. =^.^=