Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Contest Time

One of my favorite activities in SL, besides shopping is checking out the contest scene. Its great fun, you meet people, and gain exposure in the fashion industry. I'm not contest crazy as I may enter one per month, but I've had some luck with them (/me gratuituously plugs her May JCNY title win). Its exciting to put looks together for a contest - because you get another excuse to shop and take pictures. Give me a V-A-I-N! :P

Finding out about the contests is pretty tricky, sometimes I hear from friends or group notices. But, the best group is Contest Central. You get weekly updates, and you can pick and choose which contests work best for you.

One poor little contest note card sat idly in my inventory until yesterday when I got "give me a project bug." Bianca Foulon is a well-known designer in SL for her inventive creations and wannabe ad campaign seen in many in-world publications. Some contests require you submit pictures in-world via note card or folder, while others ask you to post pictures on Flickr or Koinup. The BiancaF contest is featured on Flickr. The rules for this contest stipulated that you all clothing, shoes, accessories and skin be from Bianca F.

After visiting the store and getting a feel for BiancaF's new campaign, I settled into buying a few items to complete my look. I TP'd to my roof studio faster than you could blink and turned up my iTunes. A classic Bjork song "Army of Me" really inspired me to capture a fierce look oozing with intensity. It couldn't have come out better for me - the styling evolved as the shoot progressed. I guess some days you get lucky! Even if I don't win this competition, I had oodles of fun working on it and the response was terrific.

The flagship BiancaF store is on the Velvet sim and one of my favorite shopping haunts (FTV, DPS, Vain, Bax Coen, Mimiriki all have stores here). Check out the store and give the August contest a go! You have nothing to lose!

On Vixie:
Model/Photographer - Vixie Rayna
Skin: BF fata2 ivory mask special edition -- vain
Eyes: QS golden
Lashes: BF featherblack
Earrings: BF twiggycopper
Clothes: BF mash-up of boleroneropelliccia, blogoblack, cappa leggings, and daikirizebra
Hair: Kin aaron black
Shape: Vixie Rayna
Pose: BB 23 stand by Antossperandeo Allen

Photo taken on my roof, minimal editing through color correction sliders via Mac's preview image program.


Chalice Carling said...

You know I love this more than any other photo i've seen of u and that's saying something. Yay for you announcing your JCNY win, albeit in a tiny voice.

EVERYONE......VIXIE IS A JCNY WINNER. God she'll kill me for this lol. She's the humble type which is why we all love her :-))) So I'll be your big-mouthed friend and sing it from the rooftops.

Vixie Rayna said...

chalice you are wonderful - you are the best cheerleader, friend, fashionista...person! thank you!!

Jula Carnell said...

Yayyyy at you posting again. I so have to get my butt into gear. Hey I didnt know about contest central. I dont think I have enough groups but that is a good one so I would like to add it and then we can all pick and choose what we want to enter :)
*is still bopping to music stream