Wednesday, February 22, 2012


I think you all know how much I'm crazy about my machines .... I love bikes , I love love cars , and I love everything that transmit speed! But well is not to speak about my craziness that I'm here but using the word craziness...I gonna take opportunity to share how much my mind is blown by mesh!

This picture - all you see is Mesh! Shot special me at our studio lol :P Day by day, I see more and more designers and builders showing better mesh products. I really think in a near future, we will experience some amazing things only possible by the mesh technology!

Style Card :
Hair Base : VCD - Express yourself - Elegance - Homme - Raie Droite - Noir
Glasses : Entente - Olivier in Metallic Grey
Eyes : FASHISM :'Sunrise' Eyes - Grey (S)
Hoodie : Agressive - Rerty sweat wood Male-Sweat+baggy
Baggy Pants : Agressive - BaggyDenim Mesh
Tennis : Entente- L'Equipe Kicks
Bag : Rerty - bag/sak de respo tague

Bike :
FELGO V-rod V1. - Promo Only 250 L (It rocks and rolls :P )

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