Saturday, June 22, 2013

Styling [101]

Join Vixie Rayna today for Styling 101, a workshop exclusively for SL10b!  Want to learn basic styling and tips on where to shop?  Join some friends for a fun style workshop?

Styling 101 Workshop with Vixie Rayna
TODAY at 9am SLT

Notes from the Workshop:

▌Styling 101
Today we will talk about the basics of styling your avatar in Second Life®.  Styling is all about finding your unique look, knowing how to put your outfit together, and keeping on top of current releases. Todays workshop will help you in your SL® style journey.

▌About Vixie
Vixie Rayna is a noted fashion expert and Second Life® resident. Her passion for the community is evidenced by her extensive work experience in the Fashion Industry.  She is an official photographer for the Linden Lab homepages of Second Life and noted blogger. She is the PR/ Marketing Manager and Top Model of [Leezu!], Manager of [sYs], and Manager of [DRIFT] fashion houses. Along with being a Modavia Supermodel, she is a model with top agencies such as AVENUE, MAD, and Asymetrique,  She enjoys discovering the beauty of our world and promoting the amazing content creators who make this all possible. You can see her personal take on style via her Love&Fashion Blog and Flickr. Be safe out there my little fashionistas! The world is full of great finds, STYLE responsibly!

Happy Styling!

Love, Vi

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Model/Photographer: Vixie Rayna

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