Sunday, September 21, 2014


Belleza Venus Mesh Body - Raw Image from Second Life (cropped/watermark only)
 Hey guys! Today is a big day, in case you haven't heard...the Belleza Venus Mesh Body was released!! I've had this body for a little while now and thought I could share some tips and tricks. Hope this answers a few questions for those not sure about mesh avatars and also I shared some insight into making it work best for your avatar.

WARNING: There is some pixel nudity that begins around the 6 minute mark.  It's full frontal for about 1 minute,  so I can show the push up breast option.  After that it continues with off/on bare breasts to show fitting clothing until  the nudity ends at the 11 minute mark.

If you want to see the HD version please check it out on screencast

This was my VERY first video, so please be kind.  I had a lot of fun putting it together and I'm totally open to doing more. If there is something I missed, let me know I'm happy to answer questions or even do a Part II.

Be safe out there my little fashionistas the sim at Belleza is jam packed but it's worth the wait!

Happy Shopping!

Love, Vi

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Model/Photographer: Vixie Rayna

Styling Details AFTER The Jump!

Style Card:
Hair: Lamb - Pandora
Skin: Belleza - Grace C88 Med 2 Br [NEW]
Eyes: IKON - Ardent Eyes - Clarity (S)
Necklace: Maxi Gossamer - Tokyo Party Night- Short
Lingerie: Belleza - Bra Set 6 in white (photo) and black (video) [NEW]
Dress: Tee*fy -  Celeste  Dress M Eminence [NEW]  *No21*
Shoes: JB: JustBelleza (by Davidefre Resident of JustDesign)  - Chain Black [NEW]

Poses & Animations: DeePosed, TorridWear, and Vista Animations
Windight: Annan Adored - Tan Skin

Trompe Loeil - The Dreaming House [NEW] *Collabor88*
7 - Radio 1965-A RARE REVIEW  [NEW] *The ARCADE*
Apple Fall - Carriage Clock  [NEW] *The ARCADE*
{anc} - comet. / pillow / polar [NEW] *The ARCADE*
[*Art Dummy!]  - simple things. (lemon branches)RARE  [NEW] *The ARCADE*
Apple Fall - Annan Sidetable
{anc} - comet. / drink / polar [NEW] *The ARCADE*
Zaara [home] - 5 Colonial vanity stool *sage* [NEW] *The ARCADE*
[ARIA] - Gretchen apple cider tray
LeeZu - Bird


Anonymous said...

Thank you!! This is the first post on the Venus body that I have seen (& Ive searched a lot) that explains how to adjust for clothes, etc.

Vixie Rayna said...

Aww wow thank you so much! Glad it was helpful :))) Hope you are enjoying your mesh body!

Anonymous said...

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