Thursday, June 19, 2008


I had to add this pic because Nykki and I are too cute for words.  
On Nykki:
Outfit (Shirt, Skirt and Leggings) - Rainbow Brite from Devilish Cupcake
Necklace - Strawberry Ice Cream from 69
Shoes - Ankle Boots in Black Suede from Bax Coen Designs
Hair - Bianca Blonde from Random Fashions
Skin - Freebie Fun Pack from Free Speerit

On Vixie:
Dress - Polka from Lolioliops
Necklace - Knit Ball in White from Swallowtail
Shoes - Funny Girl Flats in Red from Periquita
Hair - Edie in Black from Aden
Skin - Natural from Gigi Couture


Nykki Heartsdale said...

Vixie Rayna has the best blog evar! <3

Vixie Rayna said...

nykki heartsdale is the cutest person EVAH!