Wednesday, June 25, 2008

A Few of My Favorite Things...

I love to mix things up in SL, especially when it comes to fashion.  Secretly, I like to see how many different designers I can wear at once. :P  Besides skin (Chai anyone?), I have 2 favorite things in SL  hair and accessories! 
Who doesn't love great SL hair?  I'm no different and find myself wearing two styles from House of Heart almost exclusively (although ETD and Aden sneak in occasionally).  Unkept and Victoria have the most lovely curls I've seen in SL.  Photos do not do this hair justice, you have to see the movement in world.  Sheltered Heart's designs are amazing.  If you haven't been to House of Heart...RUN!  Plus, you can subscribe-o-matic to the group and receive notices for LOTS of free hair.  
Now to the accessories!  I'm rocking 3 of my favorite looks here!  Pearls, Prim Belts, and Flowers.  Armidi's triple pearl necklace is the most fantastic jewelry in SL.  It comes in oodles of colors, and I wear mine almost daily.  Only wish they came in a fat-pack!!  When it comes to accessories, you are not dressed until you put on your belt.  My inventory is chock full of belts, but there is only one go-to belt - the snakeskin belt from artilleri.  The texture and detailing are just amazing, plus it comes in multiple sizes AND different attach points (pelvis and stomach).  You can purchase a fat-pack which includes a rainbow of colors.  /me kisses her snakeskin belt!  Flowers are great accessories, you can soften any look by attaching a flower to your hair.  Artilleri makes very nice ones for your hair.  Imagine my surprise at a charity auction when I spied a wrist corsage - yes it was for the prom, but who cares!  With a design this magnificent, why not start a new trend. 

On Vixie:
Jacket & Top - Serina Purple from Digit Darkes
Skirt - Black Bird from Cubic Effect
Belt - Black Snakeskin from Artilleri
Necklace - Classy Triple Pearl from Armidi
Bracelet - Pearl from JCNY
Corsage - RFL by Kettsinger
Hair - Bitter Chocolate from House of Hearts
Lashes - Bedroom from Cake
Skin - Peaches in Nutmeg from LF Chai

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