Thursday, December 4, 2008

Barerose Appreciation Week!

Winter Jefferson, has thrown down a blogger challenge for the week. A Barerose appreciation extravaganza for all the awesomeness that they have to offer. Since I first came to SL, I've been in love with the store. Its imaginative, fantastical, and fashion forward. Each time you go there are new releases. Its like fashion mecca!

Back in July of this year, I did a shoot with the awesome Elysium Eilde of Second Look Studio for a mermaid fashion editorial in Second Style Magazine. One of my outfits was from Barerose, the Pisces set.

It's one of my favorite outfits and I was tickled to wear it in the magazine.


Photographer: Elysium Eilde of Second Look Studio

The second photo was a sneak attack shot!! Its not in the magazine, but I'm so glad that Ely took a close up. The Blowpop skin by Annyka is just to wonderful not to see...

Model: Vixie Rayna
:::B@R::: - Pisces Lady
Eyes - Less than Three <3 - Frost (pale blue)
Lashes - Cake - Bedroom
Hair - Magika - Bits - White
Skin - Blowpop - Tuesday Marshmallow - Aden in Black #1 - White

Model: Dionysus Qualcar
:::B@R::: - Pisces
Skin: Nomine - WL Male china white - White brows (custom made for this shoot)
Hair: Mystikal - Ash Pony - White
Eyes: EYE IT UP - Human Eyes - Ice

Pose - Pisces custom pose set - By salacia Gustafson of Gor-jus Creations and Animations

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Chalice Carling said...

These beautiful Ely shots are the most captivating I have seen you in. And yes, Barerose is a treasure of a shop.