Monday, December 22, 2008

The SLexcellent Adventures of Jula and Chalice

Most people enjoy a good laugh and no one makes me laugh as much as Chalice Carling my dearest friend and her partner in crime Jula Carnell.  These two hens cackle like you wouldn't believe and are always have the most interesting adventures (i.e. lesbian love den in the sky). Whenever I get to catch up with Chalice, I hear of the latest installment of their tales.  You can't help but laugh so hard your stomach hurts.  Well, now they've put their adventures down on paper for the world to share.  Each week will bring a new installment to the unfolding story, stay tuned...

I invite you now to read Episode 1 of the SLexcellent Adventures of Jula and Chalice entitled, "The Impotence of Being Earnest" excerpt provided with permission from Flickr.  I encourage you all to join the group pool on Flickr to keep up with the on-going saga.
"Jula and Chalice met at Evely Lane's runway when Chalice was launching her international modeling career. Jula used to stand in awe of Chalice wishing that she too could command the $1L per hour fee that Chalice enjoyed under the tutelage of the (in)famous Evely Lane. Since that time, Chalice helped Jula on her way to becoming a model and they became firm friends sharing each others successes and failures.

Jula was married to wealthy SL entrepreneur Mr K and lived in a big, beautiful mansion by the sea while Chalice, beautiful and successful but financially struggling due to her shopping addiction, lived in a small apartment with a lesbian brothel situated in a sky box overhead. Hearing the thuds of human bodies falling onto her roof each night when in moments of passion, the clientele lost their footing and fell off the balcony, Chalice used to spend much time in the home of Jula and Mr K dreaming of marrying a successful SL businessman. Someone like Frolic Mills or Patchi Poo Thibaud who could provide her with the lifestyle she craved.

Jula had confided to Chalice that Mr K was often preoccupied and avoided being intimate with her. On the rare occasion that they did partake of marital coitus, Mr K struggled to rise to the occasion leaving Jula wondering if he was having an affair.

Chalice consulted with her hairdresser who happened to know Jackson Vantelli, an excellent naturopath who was also a first year sex therapist student who dispensed an eye dropper full of bile from the 3rd stomach of a South Sea oyster. Well known in those parts as a powerful aphrodisiac guaranteed to raise the Titanic, Chalice prepared a pot of Mr K's favorite dish, Crawfish Etoufee and squeezed the contents of the eye dropper into the mixture while Jula made Mr K's favorite dessert, Colonial Day Snickerdoodles.

Chalice, eager to hear if Mr K raised the roof, phoned Jula the next morning to hear the news. Jula mentioned nothing of Mr K's performance so Chalice asked her if she and Mr K had enjoyed a night of passion. Jula with saddened voice described how Mr K spent the entire night running to the toilet. Chalice disclosed to Jula what she had done trying to help get Mr K's mojo back explaining that there was not one recorded case where the aphrodisiac remedy didn't work.

Jula, heart sinking, said "It must be me Cha Cha what can I do?

Chalice promised Jula that she would consult everyone she knew from her friends list and let Jula know of the results.

Meanwhile Chalice took Jula shopping to MMS, oBscene, Detour and for some decadent gowns, LeeZu Baxter. Jula, sated by her shopping spree, went home with a special little outfit from Chic Boutique to wear in her boudoir that evening. She would invite Mr K in and he would take one look at her and fall to his knees in lust. She would break the drought that they had been living in and the garden of love would be rejuvinated again.

Unaware that Chalice was spying from the wardrobe, Jula squeezed herself in to her lingerie ready to rain on Mr K's parade.......................

Does Jula unleash the animal within Mr K? Can Chalice make it out of the wardrobe undetected? What lay ahead for the SL Supermodels? Does Chalice get her Mr Frolic or Mr Patch???? Stay tuned for another episode of The SLexellent Adventures of Jula and Chalice."

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