Saturday, December 12, 2009

Makes Me Wanna [skream] With Delight !

I know, i've been a bad blogger of late, but a lot of things going on RL and in SL too kinda pulled me in different directions - HOWEVERRR i'm back and wow, what a thrill and honour it was to have been passed review copies of the new releases from [skream]. My fave fave utter most fave piercing store in SL and i get to review *does a little dance of joy*.

First up is the cutest ever lip piercing, Kawaii Safety Pin Piercing. An open safety pin that peirces your bottom lip, edgy but with a cute twist, this awesome piece has three attachment points also (huge bonus). I've found it hard to find a piercing to tear me away from Jacqueline Cliassi's Beauty Mark Piercing but i think i now have an awesome alternative to wear. Great for those casual outfits !

I'm not a huge tattoo lover, not one of these women who wear them with everything and anything, although if the outfit is edgy enough, then i have a gorgeous collection of tatt's for the occasion. Breaking this rule of thumb though, is the newly released 'Scattered Hearts' Tattoo from [skream]. Super cute and small enough to look good with most outfits, my personal opinion is that this is a winner. Neatly and originally positioned to sit across your collarbone (see above pic), Scattered Hearts is really one tattoo i shall be wearing more often than not and feel VERY comfortable wearing it also.

Also released but not shown above was a really sexycute pair of earrings called "i'm a star" and available in three different designs (Checkered, Silver and Wood). Really gorgeous and you will be a 'star' when you wear these.

You can check out the new releases from [skream] and it's other fabulous items at the awesome GOLden Shopping Sim

Raw Photography and Styling by Laya Felisimo

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