Wednesday, December 30, 2009

My "Must Have's" 2009

Wow, what a year gone by ! For me, 2009 has brought many high's and low's and much joy with SL fashion. The year has seen designers leap from strength to strength and come together in the face of adversity and copybotters. The abundance of new releases from designers is mirrored in the flourishing blogging community.
On a personal note, my 2009 in Second Life has been an emotional journey, riding a rollercoaster with many disappointments but also many great achievements - a couple of which, for example, being asked to blog for the GOLden Shopping Sim, winning Blacklace's Model Search and finding RL love in SL.
2009 gave me so many 'must have's' in my SL inventory, I thought I'd share them with you. Maybe you recognise some of your own, maybe you will see some and make them your must have's for 2010 - either way, I just want to say thank you to all SL designer's for their passion, foresight, skill and creativity and long may it continue and grow in 2010.

Arguably THE best boots in SL for the past year, Bax Coen's Prestige Range have pushed her right to the top of her game. With undeniably, the best texture, features and fitting script, these boots are probably featured in most discerning SL fashionista's Inventory.

2009 has seen the explosion of Truth Hawk's hair upon SL fashion making him probably the best selling hair producer in SL. He's totally reworked his textures and styles to make TRUTH hair an inventory Essential. Shown above is Heidi in Mocha.

Lowrise jeans made a huge impact in SL fashion this year with what would appear to be a huge competition to see who could come up with the lowest lowrise. These delicious textured 'gettin low' jeans from Boom became a huge fave with me.

Dressing them up for a nighttime look or wearing them with your fave sweater for a casual look, i decided that i couldn't live without my HLD Shorts. Probably the cutest short short's in SL guaranteed to make an impact, these delicious shorts designed by the gorgeous Howard Lindley have become huge fave's of mine.

Belleza skin, a certain must have and for me -something i couldn't live without now. I've tried many others but always come home to my Jesse (see above). Unless required to, I always wear Belleza, Blog Belleza and I swear, if i could eat sleep and drink it, I would lol. Featured in this post are Jesse Deep Tan (see above) and the forthcoming release from Tricky Boucher, Alyson in Tan (see below). I'm super duper excited to see what 2010 brings from Belleza.

2009 saw the discovery for me of [skream]. Having never really been a fan of facial piercing's for women, Jacqueline Cliassi's [skream] has given piercings a real glamorous and sexy edge. I'm such a huge fan of her creations and can often be found wearing one, two or many more of them. One of my fave's, the Beauty Mark Piercing shown above, is just an example of how piercings can look classy and not trashy. Cannot wait to see what 2010 bring's us from [skream].

Having been a huge fan of MADesigns Promise eye's for so long, I was delighted to discover SLink's Eyescream Range. Realistic and gorgeous, I really hope that 2010 brings more colour choices from them.

I was never a fan of prim nails, too much hard work getting right. That was until I came across Lovesoul in 2009. Easy, Gorgeous, Scripted and Inexpensive, I now cannot be without my prim nail's.

These need no introduction, Maitreya totally upped the 'prim feet' stakes and produced without question, THE best prim feet in SL. Gorgeously textured and designed shoes with realistic feet totally blow it's competitors out of the water.

HOME IS WHERE THE HEART ISOk, you cannot find this in a store, but it's one thing I cannot live in SL without. Our Homestead. Place where we laugh learn live and love.

I hope you all had a fantastic SL 2009 and I really wish you all a beautiful 2010.

Laya <3 xxx

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