Saturday, September 11, 2010

Casa del Shai: The Instinct Collection

Casa del Shai is proud to present her brand new collection, called "The Instinct Collection", at Modavia Fashion Week, today at 4 PM SLT.

After taking a break to master the techniques of the programme Maya 3D, Shai Delacroix is back in full production, and does it with an outstanding series - the first after the infamous Boudoir Collection in 2009 - inspired by a concept related to instincts, both animal and human.

Fall is about to begin; it's time for luxe fur and leathers. Casa del Shai uses them as a mean of communication: an expression freedom, the need to be real, and natural - in Shai's usual and fine fashion taste.

This collection will showcase her gift with textures and amazing new sculpted creations, and is is filled with luxe leathers, rich animal prints, cozy knits, and silken lace.

Have you got Animal Instincts?

Join us @ 4 PM at Modavia Fashion Week

The complete collection will be exclusively for sale at the MODAVIA sim for the duration of fashion week September 9 - 16, 2010.
Casa Del Shai Boutique @ Modavia Fashion Week.

Soon after to be released at Casa del Shai

I hope you enjoy the collection!

All the best,

Shai Delacroix

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