Sunday, September 12, 2010

Paper Couture A/W 2010

Paper Couture has a new collection. I am struggling for words not because I can't think of any... it's just there are too many to use to describe the amazing work of Ava and Cora Lu. Here are the first that came to mind.

Amazing. Stunning. Fashion-forward. 80s-Ethno Fabulosity. Genius.

I was lucky enough to be one of four models in the exclusive launch of their new collection and while locked away in my skybox styling... I had to take some pictures. This is only 3 looks from a collection of 12 released today on the Modavia Fashion Week sims.

Now bow down to the altar of Paper Couture.

Style Cards (L-R):
1. Paper Couture Crossroads with Bone Feather Set (Necklace and Curl Earrings) and Ostrich Leather Shoes
2. Paper Couture Sequin Jungle with Hammered Earrings and Ostrich Leather Shoes
3. Paper Couture White Cheetah with Carved Bead Necklace and Oversized Gold Circles Earrings and Ostrich Leather shoes

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