Saturday, January 21, 2012


I don't think I've seen Mattie so excited. He was flipping through the Modavia Fashion Directory and got a peek at the new male collection at .SHI. He immediately wanted the landmark to shop. What can I say, my man loves to style!

Hope you will fall in love with .SHI too!

Vi & Matt

Style Cards:

Hairbase- no.07 - Army Black
Hair - Pocket Mirrors - Robert
Shirt - AOHARU_ElegantSuit
Outfit - .S H I - Minimalist Men (Several colors)
Socks - Pig - Argyle Sock M. Suspender - Charlie S
Boots - SeVeredGarDeN- (HUD included for color options)

Hair - Dura-Boy 26 in Dark Brown
Eyes - MADesign - Nature in Ink Sea
Skin - R.icielli - EOS Pale with Redvelvet Lipstick
Beauty Mark - VCD - Express Yourself
Earrings - Kunglers Extra - Aroeira in Golden
Outfit - .SHI - ATTI
Tights - LeeZu - Burleske in Champagne
Shoes - .SHI - Sanguine

Poses by Corpus.

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