Sunday, January 15, 2012


Just a relaxed outfit for a casual Sunday. It's been a long week and I hope you all were able to take time for some rest and relaxation over the weekend.

Sundays are the best for taking a cool breath in the crisp January air and enjoying the warmth from a slowly moving ray of sun.

All the best, Matt.

Coat: AOHARU_ChunkyKnitCardigan_Navy
Shirt :Alphamale - Preppy V-neck
INDI Designs - O'Leary Alpha Layer
Hair Base : no.07 :: Hairbases :: Army Black
Pants: *FIR & MNA* Checker Pants Khaki
Belt ::[ Mr.Poet ]::Leather woven belt brown
Shoes : INDI - O'Leary Sneakers brown/beige
Hair [taketomi]_Hans_Resizer_Black02
FASHISM 'Sunrise' Eyes - Grey (S)

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