Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Feathered Elegance

Here's a little secret about me...shhhh. Vixie loves LOVES peacocks!! Anytime I see a peacock feather in world I do a happy dance. Seriously, you have to see it! You should be picturing the awkward yet adorable Matt dance about now.
Everyone knows about the gorgeous peacock lingerie outfit from Nyla. It was one of my first fashion crushes in SL, I wore it more than I care to admit. But, I never tire of the wonderfully exotic look and mystery of the feather's design. It calls to me..."vixie, vixie, VIXIE!", and I usually end up spending a bunch of lindens to feed my feather-lust.
On a wonderful shopping excursion to Bijou, ***edit 9.12.08 - An anonymous poster informed me that they couldn't find the freebie boxes - I've updated the SLURL and double-checked today and they are still there.*** I spied with my little eye some FREEBIE boxes. I'm not really a freebie whore, but I usually pick them up in the store and check them out when I get home. 90% of my freebies are trashed after inspection. Let me just say that this wasn't the case with the Bijou freebies. They are FABU!! Run, run, run your hot little pixel asses there now to pick up the goodness.
Imagine my sheer giddiness when I opened one of folders and spotted the name "Chanson Fur with Peacock Feather" in the DIVA outfit. As soon as I attached the prim I started dancing, and then quickly regained composure as I was naked. Bijou's Chanson outfit itself is quite splendid with a fitted purple ruched cocktail dress. Its definitely the best freebie dress I've ever seen, but I wanted a challenge. And, as an avid mash-up artist, I decided to can the the freebie dress portion and dig in and find some wonderfulness to show off this fur.
The fur and feathers are amazing textures, and I really wanted to play with that concept some more. Baiastice has the most wonderful formal dress skirt prims. I chose a silk and lace skirt from the Black Tart outfit. For the bodice, I had to go with Nicky Ree. The Florence gown has two bodice options, and I went with the fitted corset. The lines were simple yet sleek and it didn't distract from the fur. JCNY's Ballerina Diamond bracelet was the perfect evening jewelry. On my feet, I'm wearing the Maitreya Grace heels with Sheer stockings. Additionally featured items include: Blowpop Tuesday Rai Sins in Pink, Bijou Luminous eyes in Sapphire (normal size), Cake Berlin hair in Cocoa and Cake Bedroom lashes. Poses are from Pididdle and Luth.
Even when we are being elegant, its still about fun my lovelies! Go out there and express yourself in this wonderful art called fashion!

Model/Photographer: Vixie Rayna


Chalice Carling said...

Oh Vixie....I loved this blog. You look so beautiful and just prove that fashion is what you make it. No just wearing the clothes as given by the designers.....change, add, subtrace, alter. That's what makes fashion...the ability to put it all together from a lot of different sources. No-one does it like you hun.

Anonymous said...

You look gorgeous, and I rushed out immediately to find the bijou fur. However, after over an hour of searching, I couldn't find it :(

Vixie Rayna said...

@chalice - thank you so much for the lovely words! totally brightened my day! hugsies!!

@anon - oh no! :(( if you walk straight into bijou you meet the stairs, turn left walk through the hair section, turn right and you see a wall of freebies - they are boxes with outfits, etc pictured.
if you are still having issues - please feel free to contact me in world. i'll check out the coordinates and post again. thank you for reading! :D

same anonymous said...

found it! Thank you so much for giving such good directions. <333!

Vixie Rayna said...

you are very welcome :D

Jula Carnell said...

Its been awhile since Ive blog alogged and looked at other peoples bits and bobs. I must say Vix a Lix you really have been a busy bee and all are most interesting.

You are absolutely right about the old freebies, now I tend not even to bother pick them up cos they are so rubbish, but on your recommendation I will pop over to Bij and get my little freeeeebies x

Vixie Rayna said...

ooh jula - so glad to see you around town again!! \o/ it brought back memories of us at arai im'ing each other before the shows and getting our giggle on...
good times!

yeah i'm usually so strapped for time, i never pick up freebies. in fact i wouldn't have even opened the folders except the fact i was searching for peacock. one of those magical inventory finds that make your day.

i can't wait to see your next post!!