Monday, September 29, 2008

Have you been CAPTURED?

This was the best weekend ever in SL! After months and MONTHS of hard work, the premiere Captured Photography book was released on Saturday, September 27, 2008 at the Captured Trade Show. The 12 hour event was filled with 8 runway shows featuring the designs of well-known brands such as VictoriaV, Digit Darkes, Baiastice and some amazing new designers like Sevenstar Amat of Stitch by Stitch and Irie Campese of So Many Styles. The SIM was a one-stop shopping extravaganza featuring all of the above designers and many more. If you didn't get a chance to participate in the event, you really missed out on a wonderful day.

The event celebrated the release of the premiere issue of the Captured Photography book. Please enjoy a sneak peek into the book.

Photographer: Impacratrice Breiz
Cover Model: Imogen Miklos
October/December 08 Issue-CAPTURED
(C) Breiz Creative Concepts

Photographer: Impacratrice Breiz
Model: Vixie Rayna
Designer: Digit Darkes and Sky Everett
October/December 08 Issue-CAPTURED
(C) Breiz Creative Concepts

The Captured photography book is the vision and dream of Impacratrice Breiz. Featuring the best in ART, BEAUTY, DESIGN, FASHION, and LIFESTYLE. The book is seasonal and only comes out FOUR times per year. The book is an advertisement free book featuring high quality editorials photographed and produced by the Breiz Creative Concepts team. Selection is competitive as there are only 250 pages per issue. We are currently accepting applications for the January/March 2009 issue. Feel free to contact me (Vixie Rayna) in-world via notecard for an application to be a featured creator.

Online version available here. Pick up the premiere issue of the Captured book today in-world, ONREZ or SLexchange.

Photographer: Impacratrice Breiz
Model: Vixie Rayna
Jewelry: Swallowtail Designs
October/December 08 Issue-CAPTURED
(C) Breiz Creative Concepts

Photographer: Impacratrice Breiz
Model: Ella Quinsette
Skin: Free Speerit
October/December 08 Issue-CAPTURED
(C) Breiz Creative Concepts

Photographer: Impacratrice Breiz
Model: Imogen Miklos
October/December 08 Issue-CAPTURED
(C) Breiz Creative Concepts

Captured Photography Book is now CASTING models. You could be one of 20 models selected for the January issue. Visit the Breiz Creative Concepts headquarters today for your application. Deadline for submissions is October 13th.

Please allow me to say thank you all of the wonderful designers, creators and models involved with this issue. It was a wonderful pleasure to work with you all. Stay tuned for the upcoming issue in January. We are just getting started.

I would like to also say thank you to the Breiz team for their incredible hard-work especially in the last two weeks. Working behind the scenes is a tough role, and everyone stepped up beyond my wildest expectations. To the Breiz MUSES: Chalice, Dmitri, Ella, Gemini, Imo, Kay, Keno, and Laya - you each played an essential role in making the Captured Photography book and Trade Show an unbelievable success. Together we made an incredible TEAM. And finally, to Miss IMPA (aka Impacratrice Breiz - CEO of Breiz Creative Concepts). You shall forever be our fearless leader, visionary genius and waffle queen. We love you.


Jula Carnell said...

\o/ for the captured book. I love that fact that it can be viewed online rather than inworld as it takes forever for me to rez. When I opened it I was like OMG there are over 200 pages, but the creativity, photographs, outfits, locations and models were well worth trawling through. Excellent stuff. Captured Trade Show was wicked and was very grateful to be part of it. Had much fun. I must say you know me, I do runway all the time so its like going to the toilet for me, but I was actually scared at this event !! You rock captured team, great event x

Vixie Rayna said...

you scared? no ways. jula is fearless, mighty and sassy. it was a lot of work to coordinate but the team really pulled together. and it helped we had great models like you. :D
and the book on line. woot!! i was so excited when impa posted the link. it was a lot of fun to work on this, and i'm looking forward to the next issue. we've learned a lot.

Chalice Carling said...

The Captured Team and all of the models (runway and promo) at the event were the best ever. What an honor to work with such friendly, gorgeous and talented models and our team, we ROCK.

Loxley Tatham said...

I had the opportunity to work as a Promotional model for the Captured event. It was wonderful to be a model for a particular designer. I was very impressed with the way the Captured team handled processing models and picking out the right people for the right jobs. Excellent job and I hope that I get the chance to work with the Captured group again on the next event.

lucillemorigi said...

Captured Book is amazing!!!

Congratulations to the team.

Trade fashion show was superbe.

Very well organized, professional and beautiful!

You know how to do it well!

Impacratrice Breiz said...

AWW look at these nice comments :-)

I am so glad everyone like the CAPTURED Photography Book and enjoyed the Trade Show, it was a lot of hard work but so worth it. I love my team, they are the greatest ever!


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