Tuesday, September 2, 2008


Another shoot, another day! Impacratrice Breiz of Breiz Creative Concepts and staff contributer of The Best of Second Life Magazine is one of the handful of fresh fashion photographers in SL. Her work is extremely collaborative, she expects the model to MODEL! She called five models in and asked us to show off our Neo-Japanese style. We got all dolled up in our street wear and TP'd to the SICK sim. Good thing I was wearing Chucks, because we were running to get that shot. Impa's shoots are pure energy as you shoot guerilla style. We had a great time, and the shot came out wonderfully! See this picture and article in the latest issue of The Best of Second Life magazine on stands now.

Tips for Impacratrice's shoots: Be sure to have a monster inventory of poses to choose from because there is no pose ball magic on her sets. Oh and she shoots on location see wear something comfortable to run in.

Models pictured (L to R): Imogen Miklos, Eleania Rosenberg, Chalice Carling, Kay Fairey, and Vixie Rayna. Photograph and Graphic Design by Impacratrice Breiz for The Best of Second Life Magazine.

Model/Photographer Vixie Rayna:
Skin: Less Than 3 - Glam Skins 2 - Vice Versa Deux in Tan
Hair: MMS - Hera in Light Brown
Eyes: MMS - Turquoise (No Longer For Sale)
Lashes: Cake Bedroom Lashes Above (Bianca Foulon Feather Lashes in the Shoot)
Earrings: Natalie Defiant - Vinyl Records (Cassette Earrings in the Shoot)
Bracelet: 69 - Sprinkles in Black
Clothes: DeLa - Jessica Tank Top in Orange with Nemo Blue Stripe Stole, Dora Jean Shorts in Blue 02 with Turned Up Leg Hems and Button Flap Back Pockets
Socks: MiaSofia - Striped Wool Socks in Mia
Shoes: Akeyo - Chucks (Modified Purple and Yellow)


Chalice Carling said...

Twas a fun, fun shoot that day. All of them are really. The results are always magic in the end. I keep wondering if that poor guy following us ever survived.

Vixie Rayna said...

it was a fun shoot!! yeah what happened to the dude?

Chalice Carling said...

me thinks he died of exhaustion.